About Circle City Speech

Circle City Speech is an office and daycare/school-based speech therapy provider. Currently, we accept BCBS, Alabama Medicaid, and private pay.

We do require a physician's referral for services.

The great thing about Circle City Speech is that we come to YOU! We want to help cut down on your hectic schedule and provide more meaningful therapy in your child's natural environment.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to therapy in the school and office settings encourages carryover to these environments from the very beginning! We use proven approaches to elicit new speech and language skills through play-based learning, because children learn best through games, reading, and arts & crafts. These activities help keep children engaged and motivated during therapy sessions.

We currently offer a variety of formal and informal language and articulation assessments for your child. Our comprehensive evaluations also include observation and parent/guardian or teacher input, which allows us to individualize your child's evaluation to their specific needs based on their performance in their natural environment. Once an evaluation is completed, your speech therapist will make recommendations tailored to the child's areas of needed improvement.

Our board-certified speech-language pathologists provide services in the areas of:

Articulation/Speech Sound Disorders

Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

Social Language

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Auditory Processing

Reading Difficulties


Pediatric Feeding Disorders

& Many Others!

Free phone consultation

We are offering a free phone consultation with no obligation. Simply call 334-316-0191 or email info@circlecityspeech.com to schedule a phone consultation and discuss your child's speech therapy needs!